Explosion proof anti-static vacuum

Explosion proof/Dust ignition proof vacuum cleaners.

Explosion proof vacuum and explosion proof vacuums are generally most effective when they are air powered as there are no heat generating sources or ignition sources.

 The Spillrite 200 AS Drum Top Vac is another style of explosion proof vacuum that turns your old drums into powerful vacuums. This unit sits on top of any old drum and turns it into a wet and dry vacuum. When supplied with the anti-static explosion proof upgrade it becomes an explosion proof vacuum for all your wet and dry hazardous waste needs.

Vacteck and Spillrite design and manufacture a range of explosion proof air powered vacuums for many companies and industries. The Australian Defence department choose our range of vacuums for their facilities right around Australia and our vacuums have NATO certification.

Drum Vacuum Wet Dry 70 litre air powered. 48 cfm. 100 psi. Twin venturi's. Reverse pump out. Wet and Dry.


30 litre stainless drum vacuum 48/S/wet

30 litre stainless steel air drum vacuum 48/EX

Each unit can be configured in a multiple of different ways.

  • Power supply - 28, 48, 100, 120, 180 cfm


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Introducing the latest addition to the Vacteck range of heavy grade industrial vacuums. The Jumbo Dog 180/130 as purchased by the Australian Department of Defence as an anti-static vacuum system for their ballistic firing ranges. Vacteck Vacuums leads the way in cutting edge technology and a common sense approach to vacuum design. Simple, powerful and effective.

Now certified with the Australian Defence Force and with NATO forces worldwide as the choice for anti-static explosion proof vacuum system.

ADF order number:     N Cage number ZOJH2

Nato Stock Code number: NSN 7910-66-158-5157    (Vacuum cleaner pneumatic)

Want a different style of Australian made  anti-static explosion proof here



SPAV100SS is a lightweight and powerful air powered vacuum that can be used in all explosion risk areas including Zones 1 and 2 (Gas) and 21 and 22 (Dust).

Built from stainless steel and mild steel.

Ideal for use in;

  • Offshore oil rigs
  • Drilling platforms
  • Mines (no aluminium)
  • Grain silos
  • Mills
  • Fuel depots
  • Fuel transfer stations
  • All industries that need an explosion proof vacuum
  • Marine industry
  • Gas industry


Explosion proof drum top vac - Go to Spillrite website


Explosion proof Spillmaster wet and dry with HEPA exhaust vacuum - Go to Spillrite website


This specialist vacuum unit  has been designed in conjunction with the Australian Defence Force as a vacuum unit for use in Category E22 hazardous environments. The Defence department put out a tender for a specialist vacuum system to all vacuum companies across Australia. Vacteck Vacuums won the tender after beating all the big names in vacuum. This system can be used in a wide variety of applications and does not need to be anti-static. It can be used in agriculture, mining, construction, aviation. The unit is comprised of two separate capture tanks that have an internal dividing wall. This means you have a dedicated wet tank and a dedicated dry tank with individual hose and wands for each application.

This unit has the following features;

  • explosion proof
  • wet dry
  • reverse filter cleaning
  • hepa exhaust
  • anti static
  • 180 litre dry capacity
  • 130 litre wet capacity
  • pressure regulator
  • 40mm, 50mm & 63mm suction hoses
  • 50cfm up to 290 cfm power range
  • silenced to below 80dBa
  • anti-static polyester filters
  • Hepa filtration up to 99% @ .3 microns
  • pump out feature on the wet side
  • internal dividing wall
  • Super Dragin spill control venturi (patent pending)
  • Twin Box thruster power plant
  • anti static side blow hepa exhausts
jumbo-dog-180-130-top-view This unit is easy to move about and easy to empty. A large front trap makes the evacuation of the waste a simple process. Reverse filter clean means longer running between cleaning. The spill side has a bottom 50mm waste valve and can be pumped out with reverse air flow. Completely safe and no chance of over-pressurising capture tank with Vacteck's patent pending venturi design.
180-130-cad-cam The Cad Cam drawing showing the internal dividing wall that means the wet side of the system and the dry side never come into contact. Revolutionary design from Australia's leading industrial vacuum designer, Vacteck Vacuums.
defence-vac-012 The Jumbo Dog showing the high air flow HEPA exhaust with the anti-static side blow air channels.

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Drum Vac Electric 3000 watt triple motor

drum vacuum explosion proof

70 Litre Drum Vacuum. The Spillrite 70 litre stainless steel drum vacuum is a powerful wet and dry industrial air powered vacuum. 28, 48, 60, 80, 100, 160 & 180 cfm models.


Drum Top Vacuum. The full size drum top vacuum fits all steel drums world wide and can be configured to be explosion proof. 60, 120 & 200 cfm models. Made from powder coated mild steel these units are made to last in tough industrial situations.


Drum pump - air powered. Drum pumps screw into steel drums and turn them into powerful wet vacuum systems. For all spills, coolant, oils, sludge, bilge, muds and chemicals, Spillrite has a drum pump that will suit your application. Starting from a low 20 scfm.


Drum Lid Vacuum. The drum lid vacuum is another style of pneumatic drum vacuum and is designed primarily as a high powered spill controled unit.

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